Value of regional cities

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The Australian Regional Development Conference will demonstrate the value of regional cities as residential destinations.

Mr Stephen Smith, an Associate with Deicke Richards will deliver a presentation titled 'Reflections on Good Regional Cities' at the Conference to be held in Albury during October.

It will focus on the role of regional cities in employment, transport and education, as well as the notion of ‘tree changes’, people who choose residential life over city life.

Mr Smith will address three regional cities which make for particularly good case studies for the role, function and future of the regional city; Bendigo (Vic), Toowoomba (Qld) and Mackay (Qld).

Bendigo is the great survivor of the Gold Rush era, leaving a legacy of streets, buildings and open spaces.

Any city, be it metropolitan or regional would be envious of the infrastructure. 

However Bendigo has not been lying on its laurels and continues to thrive while looking forward to a bright future.

Toowoomba is the heart of the squattocracy in Queensland. 

It has a rich history like Bendigo reflected in its buildings and streetscapes. Toowoomba sits on the Great Diving Range, which is as much a spiritual barrier as a physical one to those living in the Darling Downs and Northern NSW.

Mackay, unlike Bendigo or Toowoomba, is a remote regional city.

It is the first tropical city on the trip up the coast of Queensland and has a long tradition of innovation.

It was the first city to adopt a planning scheme, and the second in Queensland with a reticulated sewerage system.

It is now dealing with the impacts of the resources boom, Council amalgamation, climate change and a rapidly changing demographic.

This year's Conference will feature over 60 different presenters on Sustainability, Planning & Building, Community & Economic Development in Regional areas.

The Conference will be held in Albury NSW on the 15th and 16th of October with optional workshops on Friday 17th October 2014.

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