Recognising Councilís high achievers - This month from Boulia Shire Council, QLD

Article image - Recognising Councilís high achievers - This month from Boulia Shire Council, QLD Shelly Norton, Boulia Shire Council, Queensland

Shelly Norton started working for Boulia Shire Council in October 2007 as the Admin Officer and has since moved up to being the Tourism Officer.

She is the fifth generation of her family to have grown up in Boulia.

“There is no place I would rather be, I love it out here and have had such a very fortunate life from living out here.”

She has a passion for events, and is proud to have been a part of major community functions including the famous Boulia Camel Races, the Boulia Gold Club, Boulia Outback Drags and many others.
Boulia Mayor Rick Britton nominated Shelly as a high achiever for her outstanding work for council.

“My greatest achievement was being the lucky winner of the 2010 Royal Flying Doctors Spirit of Queensland Awards which saw us raise over $46,000 for the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

“I was so proud of the hard work & community spirit that was given by our amazing community.”

Boulia is a small township located on the edge of the Simpson Desert & Northern Territory boarder.

The Shire of Boulia encompasses 61000 Square Kilometers of rugged landscape.

Famous attractions in the area include the mysterious Min Min Light phenomenon & the famous Boulia Camel Races, the Melbourne Cup of Camel Races.

As the Tourism Officer for the Boulia Shire, Shelly takes care of the day-to-day runnings of the Min Min Encounter Visitor Information Centre.

“I love my hometown, I love events so my job is great as it is all about promoting all he happenings in the Boulia Shire.

“A huge challenge for us is our remoteness, so we have a huge job in getting visitors to come this far outback to visit, but all those that make the trip say it’s well worth it.

“We are very busy all year round with promoting to the tourism industry & visitors.

“Seeing the many visitors come from near & far to see what we have to offer here in Boulia it shows what a great job we are doing to see those who have made the journey & enjoyed it.”