Nominations break records

South Australians will vote for a record number of contested positions and a record number of women candidates following the close of nominations for Council Elections.

Local Government Association of South Australia CEO Wendy Campana, said the number of positions elected unopposed was the lowest on record (73) out of 707 positions across the State.

"The ratio of candidates to positions is the highest on record - on average around 1.89 people will contest each position - with a 4.7 percent increase in nominations.

"As a result a record 1261 candidates will be electioneering in the coming weeks for 629 positions in 189 separate elections.

"Five positions in three wards did not receive any nomination which means they will require supplementary elections."

A record number, 382 or 28.64 percent of the total nominees, are women.

"Currently 27.22 percent of Council members are women, which is ahead of the 24.6 percent in State Parliament and behind the 30.1 percent in the Federal Parliament.

"It's up to voters now in terms of outcomes but it is pleasing to see the number of women who are willing to stand for office continues to climb."

Council Elections will be conducted by postal ballot.

Voter packs will be posted between 20 and 24 October and completed voting papers must be returned by close of business at 5pm on Friday 7 September.

A full list of candidates' names is on the LGA website at