New Aboriginal Artwork

Article image - New Aboriginal Artwork The New art installation in James Park

An art installation that celebrates local Aboriginal culture has been added to Hornsby Shire Council’s redeveloped James Park.

Aboriginal artist Kerrie Kenton designed the sculptures of native bees, which were hand made by Axolotl Art Projects from stainless steel sheets coated in brass.

They represent the Dreamtime story that has been passed down through Kerrie’s family about Gunii Gunii, the native bee that looked after her Elders and people with sweet nectar.

“Hornsby Shire is very proud of its Aboriginal heritage and we’re glad to be able to make it a part of the significant improvements that have been made to James Park,” said Hornsby Shire’s Acting Mayor Gurdeep Singh.

“James Park has become a social hub for local families and this art installation adds an extra layer to this great facility.”

Other recent improvements to the park include barbecues, exercise equipment and a Ping-Pong table that also features artwork.

Council’s next planned step is the installation of a bee-friendly garden by Hornsby Shire Council’s bush care team, with help by students from St Edmunds School.