‘Naturally beautiful’ North Burnett Regional Council

North Burnett takes its name from the Burnett River that flows through the area.  The North Burnett region covers 19,708 square kilometres with the topography of the region being diverse, from fertile farmland to rugged geographical formations.

North Burnett has long been a productive and scenic region with safe, friendly and active communities.  The many assets of the region include its unique history, its diverse rural economic base, local services and infrastructure and the many volunteers and community organisations that support local communities.

The region has a picturesque environmental beauty and an abundance of natural resources that support the diverse agricultural industries and a healthy country lifestyle.  Our many resources include: water, rural farmland, mineral deposits, forests, geographical landscapes and National Parklands.  Points of significant environmental interest include: Auburn, Boyne, Burnett and Nogo Rivers; Cania, Paradise and Waruma Dams; along with Auburn River, Coalstoun and Mt Walsh National Parks.

North Burnett is home to nearly 10,580 residents and is formed from a number of smaller communities that band together to support one another.  Each of our communities is proud of our heritage and strongly supports the sustainable development of the region.  There are a variety of retail outlets to cover most needs.  The area also has a range of services including good schools and a diverse range of sporting facilities.

North Burnett Regional Council is a forward thinking, progressive council, providing employment opportunities in all six of its townships.  Council provides training and professional development opportunities for staff, and offers a broad range of employment opportunities throughout the region.  Council has been innovative: leading the way with its Social Media program, particularly in times of natural disaster; and providing a multi-skilled classification for all outdoor staff.

To keep up to date with what’s happening in North Burnett, check out our website at www.northburnett.qld.gov.au Facebook www.facebook.com/north.burnett.regional.council or twitter #NorthBurnettRC