Healthy Communities through bike riding*

Bike riding is booming around Australia, but many communities are missing out on the benefits. Don’t be one of them.

The Bike Futures Conference in Melbourne in October 27–29 will provide the practical knowledge councils need to grow bike riding and maximise
the benefits.

This year’s theme is: Healthy People; Healthy Economies and Healthy Streets.

“The focus is not lycra clad cyclists but rather about making it possible for children, commuters and family groups to ride bikes as part of their daily activity,” said Bart Sbeghen, Bike Futures Manager at Bicycle Network.

“To maximise the health and economic benefits we need to see the wider community riding to work, school and other local destinations.

“The challenge is how to do this while bringing the community along.”

The Conference brings a wide range of professionals together to share knowledge and experience including Australia’s leading business professionals and government policy-makers.

Held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), the Bike Futures Conference brings over 200 delegates from all levels of government, consulting, research and services.

This year’s keynote speaker is Lucy Saunders from Transport for London who’ll talk about how Londoners are benefitting from a shift to walking and cycling for transport.

Also featured are Dr Kathy Alexander, City of Melbourne CEO; Peter Seamer, Victorian Metropolitan Planning Authority CEO; Peter Anderson, former Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO; and Sara Stace, Director - Link Place (formerly of Infrastructure Australia).

Key topics include:

  • Separated bike paths – what is needed? How much does it cost?
  • Benefits to workplaces – improving productivity by encouraging cycling
  • Businesses – case studies from businesses that are benefiting from bike riding
  • Local riding –riding to school and shops. What works and what doesn’t?
  • Planning for cycling – integrating cycling into council and State government plans and projects.


For more information, and to reserve your place, visit or call 1800 639 634

*Copy supplied by the Bike Futures.