Focused climate change strategy

The City of Joondalup has announced it is one of the first local governments in the country to adopt a Climate Change Strategy that combines adaptation and mitigation targets and initiatives.

Council recently endorsed the Climate Change Strategy 2014–2019, which sets a new direction for the City’s corporate and community climate change management activities over the next five years.

The Strategy covers six key focus areas: infrastructure and assets, parks and reserves, land use planning and development, natural environment, corporate responsibility and good governance and community wellbeing.
Mayor Troy Pickard said the city was prepared to tackle the issue of climate change in an innovative way.

“This Strategy reinforces that the City is committed to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and identifies projects that will continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the City to minimise the severity of climate change at the same time as implementing strategies to ensure the City is prepared and able to adapt to current and future impacts.”
Separate targets for corporate and community sectors have also been established.

Adaptation objectives include improving the City’s understanding of future climate change scenarios and putting in place strategies that will minimise likely risks to the City

Mitigation objectives include the reduction of the City’s greenhouse gas emissions through effective energy management and improved energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy and alternative fuels.

“Implementation of the Strategy will ensure the City, its environment and community will be more resilient, better prepared and better able to adapt to future climatic conditions,” Mayor Pickard said.