Providing respite to seniors and carers

The City of Belmont’s newest community centre, Harman Park Community Centre, will be formally opened on Thursday, 28 August.

Built in partnership with the Department of Health and Ageing and Lotterywest, the new purpose-built centre is part of the City’s strategy to engage with the community and to develop community spirit for the frail, aged or people with an ongoing functional disability and their carers.

Harman Park Community Centre boasts a beautiful and secure garden and a multipurpose hall with a designated area for Home and Community Care (HACC) services.

The new centre will include an expanded program to facilitate handy craft sessions, discussion groups and information forums, with topics ranging from legal matters to health and leisure.

The community garden is a major attraction to the facility, where seniors can grow produce that will be used in the cooking program, Foodcents.

Foodcents is run by the City of Belmont and offers a great way to learn new and different cooking skills as well as a receiving a nutritionally balanced meal.