Maximising infrastructure lifecycles with MAXI-TUBEŽ*

A new range of innovative Zinc-Alloy coated steel sections has been launched into the Australian market.

Manufactured in Australia by Orrcon Steel, MAXI-TUBE® shows high corrosion resistance for tubular sections in mau aggressive enviroments with good galvanic protection.

Lester Kirkwood, National Sales and Marketing Manager of Orrcon Steel, said the release of MAXI-TUBE® reflected Orrcon Steel’s pursuit of continuous innovation and desire to offer local governments a solution to corrosion issues and sustainability.

“It is a real game-changer for us, suitable for a wide range of structural steel tube and pipe applications where corrosion resistance is required.”

MAXI-TUBE®’s high quality corrosion barrier provides at least 50 percent more durability than standard Hot-Dip Galvanised (HDG) structural steel.

The high corrosion resistance of MAXI-TUBE® provides potential life cycle benefits due to lower maintenence costs and a longer product life.

Further features and benefits of MAXI-TUBE® include:

  • Slower corrosion rate than zinc-coated steel.**
  • Suited for coastal, industrial, intensive farming, food processing and infrastructure applications.
  • Has good paint and powder coat adhesion, plus displays a high quality surface finish.
  • Lead times may be reduced by eliminating steps from traditional coating processes.
  • Achieves life cycle and maintenance cost benefits.
  • Available with a defined warranty.
  • With a coating 2.5 times** harder than galvanised steel, MAXI-TUBE® delivers superior scratch resistance.
  • Aesthetically pleasing mill finish with zero spangle and a smooth satin coating.
  • Demonstrates good weldability for ease of fabrication.

For the first time in Australia, a defined warranty is available for pre-coated zinc-alloy structural tube and pipe used in coastal environments and industrial applications. The availability and extent of any MAXI-TUBE® warranty will depend on the environment and applications in which the product is used.

MAXI-TUBE® can be specified for a range of structural steel applications, including building projects, floor framing, remote housing, playgrounds, shade structures, infrastructure and transport projects in semi-marine & severe marine environments, food & processing industries, corrosive industrial and intensive farming

For further information on MAXI-TUBE® visit or call Orrcon Steel on 1300 677 266.

*Copy Supplied by Orrcon Steel

**Based on testing conducted by Nisshin Steel Co. Ltd.