Accessible vegetable garden

The City of Bunbury and the Life Without Barriers organisation has joined forces to build a small, low maintenance, accessible vegetable garden at the Hay Park Community Hall.

The Life Without Barriers not-for-profit organisation is the main driver of the garden providing the wider community with an opportunity to get active in the garden and learn about living sustainably.

Volunteers have worked tirelessly at six busy bees over three weekends to prepare the site, build the raised garden beds as well participate in mosaic workshops to decorate the garden wall.

City of Bunbury Healthy Communities Officer Rachael Ord said the community atmosphere generated at the busy bees so far had been inspiring.
“All involved have really enjoyed working together, making new friends and watching the garden take shape.

“There is a real community spirit surrounding the project.”

The raised garden beds have been filled with soil and vegetables planted.

 This will be the final project funded by Council’s Healthy Communities Team.

A Celebration Open Day will be hosted to acknowledge the many different projects the Healthy Communities Team has initiated over the past three years.