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Sustainable use of new technologies*

The Federal Government has delivered a tough budget, which means governments and businesses have to be even more innovative to deliver services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

With communities demanding higher levels of infrastructure maintenance, many Councils are at the cross roads as funding is tight, but infrastructure must be maintained.

So what is the solution?
Councils in both urban and regional Australia are turning to PolyCom Stabilising Aid, to get ahead of infrastructure maintenance.

PolyCom is a uniquely Australian product, sustainable in its manufacture and application, used to improve the quality of roads and reduce maintenance.
For many years, Councils in regional Australia have used PolyCom to treat sealed and unsealed roads, increasing the strength of the network, whilst reducing maintenance grading on the unsealed network by generally four to six times.

The major benefit of treating unsealed roads with PolyCom is that it allows Councils to re-use the existing road rather than import virgin gravel at great expense.

Coupled with reduced maintenance, this is where PolyCom becomes highly sustainable.

PolyCom has many benefits and is being accepted by local government as a cutting edge demonstration of the use of new technology to create an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable method of managing roads and other ageing infrastructure.

PolyCom is supported by an Australia-wide network of distributors who will personally provide advice and training to you and your workforce on the simplicity of PolyCom, and how it will enhance sustainability throughout your local area.

For more information visit www.roadmaker.com.au

*Copy Supplied by Earthco