Safe handling skips*

Actisafe is now supplying self-tipping skips that use a quadrant on their base fulcrum to assist in the safe handling of materials.

They are available in general steel for industry as well as food-grade stainless steel versions for mass produced food and hygiene-sensitive products.

The base quadrant acts as a pivot point for the tipping action, which ensures a high level of functional control.

It also allows a mechanical advantage for strain-free movement from the operator.

This line of stainless steel skips is ideal for general food processing and packaging of pet food, ingredients handling, pharmaceutical sector and slaughterhouses.

Robust fork guides facilitate easy forklift mounting, and a self-locking return mechanism ensures general safety and efficiency during operation. 

If a particular situation has a special requirement, Actisafe has ready-available options to tailor the skip to any given demand.

Heavy-duty castors for maximum maneuverability, oil drain taps, specialised fork guides, specialised casters, lifting eye bolts and fork locking systems are
all available.

Models include: skips with or without lids possessing capacities of 1000kg to 2000kg, and are available in two sizes with an overall width of 990mm for the 1000kg x 2 combination and 1380mm width for the 1000kg x 3.

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*Copy supplied by Actisafe