Printing money

Over half a million dollars in savings each year, a major reduction in paper use and a significant drop in power consumption are among the benefits Gosford City Council has welcomed following its recent printer replacement project.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Anderson said the initiative was a great example of how council is now looking for innovative ways to work better by saving time, cutting costs and improving productivity.

“In just over six months, our staff replaced 152 printers with the most up-to-date technology and removed around 30 others that we no longer needed, and now we’re on track to save almost $650,000 every year.

“By reducing our internal costs through initiatives like this, we can reinvest the savings back into vital services and infrastructure for our residents.

“We’re proud that these new printers will also lower our impact on the environment by cutting paper usage by around 76,000 pieces each month.”

 Council’s Information Technology Coordinator Jamie Beal said that council was already reaping the benefits of its new printers.

“Two of the biggest savings we’re seeing are in the reduced leasing costs per printer and lower printing costs per page.

“Since the installation of the new printers was completed in May this year, our monthly costs have already dropped by around $53,000.

“These printers have plenty of fantastic features that staff are very happy about, including better scanning, mobile device printing, and the ability to tap in and pick up their print job from any printer at any council site.

“Each device’s improved energy saving mode and decreased toner wastage are also helping us be as environmentally sustainable as possible.”