Computers now ‘future-proof’

Article image - Computers now ‘future-proof’ Hornsby Shire Council’s IT manager Craig Munns with the hardware that encase the new system. Hornsby Shire council has completed a major upgrade of its computer system; potentially saving $100,000 a year in current information technology costs, as well a removing the need for regularly replacing computers.

In the new system, staff’s computers stream their workstations from Council’s centralised virtual computing system.

An individual’s operating system, desktop applications and files are accessible from anywhere in the Hornsby Shire Council Network.

“This creates greater simplicity and flexibility, as well as huge cost savings,” Council’s IT manager Craig Munns says.

Information technology publications from America and Europe have reported on the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform, claiming it had made Council’s IT platform of choice “future-proof”. 

The new system will save more than $100,000 each year in IT costs alone, as well as giving each computer a much longer lifespan.

 “Previously we had to replace the 500 desktop computers and 100 laptops approximately every four years, which costs well over a million dollars,” Mr Munns said.

“The other great benefit is that staff are now able to access their corporate desktop from any machine in the organisation, as well as from mobile devices at home or in the field.

This is very handy when we have 750 personnel working at 20 sites across the Shire.”

Nutanix’s managing director in Australia Wayne Neich is also pleased with the buzz that has been created by Council’s upgrade of its system.

 “Hornsby Shire Council conducted a thorough evaluation of not just our technology but Nutanix as a company before installing our appliance.

 “They spoke to other customers, including councils, as well as integrators, complementary vendors and support teams.

 “It is very satisfying to know that we have passed such scrutiny.”