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2014 National General Assembly of Local Government

MobileMuster, the not-for-profit recycling program of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, has announced the winners of their 2014 Local Government Recycling Awards.

Presented at the National General Assembly of Local Government, in Canberra, each of the five councils received their award for their recycling programs that keep old mobiles out of landfill.

The top collector of Mobile phones nationally was Brisbane City Council, with the top collector per capita Hay Shire Council in New South Wales.

The best promoter was awarded to the City of Mitcham, the Working with Schools award went to the City of Ryde.

The City of Sydney won the national excellence award.

Rose Read, Recycling Manager, MobileMuster said, council support was integral to the success of MobileMuster’s national recycling program.

“In the past 12 months 349 councils that work in partnership with our recycling program collected nearly 3000kg of old mobile phones and their accessories, a year-on-year increase of 25 percent.

“Without local council support as both a collection facility and as an educator to residents on the importance of e-waste recycling, MobileMuster wouldn’t be the successful recycling program it is today.”

“Recycling through the program last year replaced the need to mine over 2, 270 tonnes of precious metals and over 690 tonnes of CO2 equivalents in green house gases will be avoided which is the same as taking over 190 cars permanently off the road or planting 4,240 trees; our council partners play an important part in this impact.

“We proudly recognise the initiatives each of these councils has undertaken in their local area to boost recycling rates and educate their residents on the importance of e-waste management.”

To support each council, MobileMuster supplies collection facilities such as recycling boxes, wheelie bins and promotional materials.

Each is also supported with community education programs, public relations and social media campaigns on the importance of mobile phone e-waste recycling.