Sun shines on environmental lesson

Article image - Sun shines on environmental lesson Children at Glenmore Park’s Child and Family Precinct and Sustainability Champion Councillor Michelle Tormey celebrate the installation of solar panels at their centre. Penrith’s youngest environmentalists are learning first hand how they can save energy and reduce their carbon footprint after Council installed solar panels at one of its largest facilities.

Energy from the sun is being captured by 160 solar panels and a 40kw solar system recently installed at the Glenmore Park Child and Family Precinct.

“The system will pay for itself through reduced energy bills in the next seven years,” one of Council’s Sustainability Champions, Councillor Michelle Tormey, said.

“More importantly, we’re using a renewable resource and reducing our carbon footprint and showing solar panels are a practical way to save money.”

Children and families who use the centre can also see how much power is being generated in an interactive display. After rebates, the system cost $119,000.

“While ours is a large system which will provide around two thirds of all energy needed at the centre, mums and dads can install their own solar systems at home to reduce their power bills and reliance on non-renewable energy sources,” Cr Tormey said.

“There are incentives available for residential properties as well.”