Solar-thermal saves thousands

The Town of Victoria Park recently installed a Solar-Thermal Hot Water system at its ‘Aqualife’ aquatic facility.

With assistance through the Australian Government’s Local Government Energy Efficiency Program (LGEEP) which supports the installation of solar hot water systems to drive smarter energy use in community facilities, Aqualife’s system supplements hot water usage for the pool-side change rooms and showers.

The Town was successful in obtaining $50,278 in assistance funding.

Anticipated annual operating cost savings from the installation of such a system is estimated at $23,050, together with associated greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 225 tonnes per annum.

With such savings realised, this will enable the Town of Victoria Park to invest in further sustainability initiatives, thus providing additional beneficial outcomes both for the community and the environment.

The Town will also use the Aqualife facility to educate visitors on the benefits of the solar thermal system, and encourage the installation of such systems in their own homes.