Shining a light on smart lighting

Colac Otway Shire Council has given approval to fund new LED streetlights in its Smart Lighting program.

Council yesterday voted to allocate the additional finance necessary to install LED globes in all streetlights in the shire, rather than the T5 globes which were initially the agreed choice of lighting in the Great South Coast Group Smart Lighting program.

“This month, Powercor approved LED street lighting technology for installation, which will mean a reduction in energy use by 77 per cent, when moving to 22W LED street lamps from the existing 80 watt mercury vapour lamps,” Chief Executive Officer Rob Small said.

“Even though LEDs cost more to install, their ongoing maintenance and replacement costs are less than those of the T5 globes.

“In Colac Otway Shire the change to T5 globes would have saved Council approximately $660,000 over 10 years in running costs of streetlights, while using the LED lighting technology will save $880,000 over the same period.

“On this basis installing LED globes instead of T5 globes is an economically attractive option in the long term but initially requires additional funding of $139,000.”

In addition to offering lower costs, energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, the new lights could provide better lighting outcomes for the community, including greater uniformity of light, better colour rendering and visibility, less depreciation of the light output and lower glare.

Mr Small said it was important to recognise that this technology was expected to become the benchmark in the future.

At its February meeting yesterday, Council approved the allocation of $139,000 in additional funding towards the project through a reallocation of Local Government Infrastructure Program funds that have been provided to the Council by the State Government. 

“This means that the significant future cost savings that will come as a result of the upgrade to the more energy efficient LED globes will be achieved without additional cost burdens being placed on our community.”

Installation is expected to be complete by June 30, 2014.