Landfill levy a win

The Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA) have nominated a $13 per household increase to the metropolitan Landfill Levy as one fee hike in the State Budget that the community should support and endorse.

In the recent State Budget the levy was increased from $8 to $40 a tonne for construction and demolition waste and $28 to $55 a tonne for household waste - which equates to about $13 per household in the metropolitan area.

 WALGA President Mayor Troy Pickard said the increase to the levy would boost the funding available to the Waste Authority from $9 million to $13 million.

 “For the cost of about three cups of coffee a year, metropolitan households will be contributing to ensuring that our environment and lifestyle can be maintained despite the pressures of being the fastest growing capitial city in Australia.

“No one likes to have to pay more in fees and charges but I think if people think about the small cost but the immense benefit to what we hold dear then I believe this will be one Budget increase that will be embraced.

“Ideally we would like to see a greater proportion of the levy go to the Waste Authority than the 25 per cent it currently receives as it was the initial intent in establishing the levy that it be used for this purpose.”

In addition to providing additional funds to the Waste Authority, the marked increase in the levy for construction and demolition waste is hoped will provide an incentive for industry to find alternatives to sending it to landfill.

The implementation of the increase to the levy will be phased in over the course of the year which will assist many Local Governments already well into their budget planning process.