Hardwood sculpture unveiled

Adelaide Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood has unveiled Sculptor Ant Martin’s transformation of a tree trunk at Glover Playground during a ceremony on Saturday May 24.

The sculpture, carved from a dead tree trunk, which would ordinarily have been removed and used for bark chips, brings new life to the Glover Playground on Le Fevre Terrace at North Adelaide.

After weeks of anticipation, speculation and of course interest from park users and the local community, the creation behind the tarpaulin has finally been revealed.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood says this is a great example of Council looking beyond usual practice to find other ways to utilise a tree that is no longer living.

“I’ve been watching the progress over the past month or so and Ant has really delivered. 

“He has totally transformed the lifeless form that was here before, and most importantly created something beautiful for everyone to enjoy.”

Assisted by his partner Hatty O’Meara-Martin, Ant has been a daily fixture at the playground and made some new friends from around the area, who have watched eagerly as the tree has transformed.

The wooden sculpture beneath the tarpaulin will watch over the children and families playing and enjoying Glover Playground for many years to come.