Catch a carp for a cause

Campbelltown is hitting out against invasive species with their second annual Catch a Carp competition at Eagle Vale pond.

Following a successful inaugural event in 2013, the competition attracted lots of interest from keen anglers and those looking to simply cast a line for a good cause.  

Four hundred and seven anglers assembled on March 16 to help keep the carp population at bay.

An invasive and noxious species, carp affect the health of local waterways and consequently have a negative impact on local biodiversity.

Carp have been linked to algal blooms, waterway erosion and a reduction in native fish populations, making them an uninvited guest in many local waterway systems.

Intensive recreational fishing for carp in small, closed systems such as lakes, ponds and dams can help reduce local populations.

Director of Planning and Environment, Jeff Lawrence, said the event raised awareness of an important local environmental issue, while providing a fun family day out.

“This popular initiative is a great opportunity to enjoy one of the oldest recreational pastimes and help our local environment at the same time.”

The event saw 97 carp hauled in over the three and a half hour event, with the winner Greg Jackson catching a 63–centimeter fish.

Recreational fishing in local ponds is not permitted at any other time, and participants were required to hand in their catch during the day, as carp are not recommended for consumption.

Bread was not allowed as bait, burley or for feeding local wildlife, with sweet corn recommended as an alternative.