Binning the waste

Article image - Binning the waste (From Left) Tricia Donnelly, Sustainability Projects Officer and Michael Alexander Environment and Waste Manager
Cessnock City Council has offered their residents the opportunity to upgrade their recycling bins.

Council’s Environment and Waste Manager Michael Alexander said the changes have been made possible following the signing of a new 10-year kerbside recycling contract with Solo Resource Recovery.

“The changes include the recent removal of the divider from the existing bin that has provided residents with around 20 percent more volume in their bin and the new option to upsize from the existing 240 litre to a 360 litre.”

Audits carried out in 2008 and 2011 revealed around 20 percent of recyclable material remains in the garbage bin, and has been identified as a focus area to help achieve the State Government’s waste diversion targets.

With the new contract, council is hoping to address both residents and the State Government’s goals.

Residents wanting to upgrade will pay a one off fee of $25.

Upgrade options extend to businesses too, with a range of recycle bin sizes now available including 240, 360, 660 and 1100 litres after many businesses indicated the 240 litre bin was impractical.

“There are still large volumes of cardboard, glass and plastics in the commercial waste stream, usually as a result of a one size fits all approach using bulk bins and collection systems rather than adopting simple onsite separation and recycling like we do at home,” said Mr Alexander.

“The recyclable material being lost to landfill could easily be reduced and it is hoped the new service and bin options will attract business to look at the changes they can make that will improve the environmental outcome and save long term costs.”