25 years of Bushcare

Article image - 25 years of Bushcare Bushcare Volunteers in Hornsby Shire Council This year Hornsby Shire Council is celebrating 25 years of their volunteer Bushcare program, which has been running since 1989 and is one of the largest programs of its kind in New South Wales.

There are over 100 Bushcare sites across the Hornsby Shire area, which covers 510 square kilometres from Epping in the south to Wisemans Ferry in the north and Brooklyn in the east.

Bushcare Volunteers have played an important role in maintaining the environment in Hornsby Shire, regenerating the bush and carefully transforming weed infested areas into healthy bushland.

Through their training and experience, Bushcare Volunteers are taught about native plant and weed species, local ecosystems and conservation.

Bushcare Volunteers come from all walks of life and all ages, Esme has been a Bushcare volunteer for 22 years and has seen some major improvements through clearing the bush of invasive weeds as well as making long-lasting friendships.

“This beautiful bush has given me new friends and a sense of purpose”

Being involved in Bushcare has been a similarly positive experience for Clive Cox, who volunteers in a group with two other men.

“The inspiration and interest from the public using the bush track gives you great satisfaction.

“The friendliness of the Bushcare program and what you can get out of it gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

During the 25 years Bushcare Volunteers have contributed to over 130 Bushcare sites throughout Hornsby Shire, contributed over 400,000 volunteer hours, and planted over 25,000 native plants since 2006.