Light Rail for Randwick

Article image - Light Rail for Randwick A computer generated image of what the light rail service may look like Randwick City Council released a draft light rail support plan in response to the New South Wales Government’s CBD and South East Light Rail project which proposes to spend $68 million over five years to increase parking and support the introduction of light rail in Randwick City.

Contained within the plan are a series of recommendations, design revisions and detailed technical drawings in response to the Government’s $1.6 billion light rail project which will run from Circular Quay to Randwick and Kingsford.

“Our draft plan is about supporting light rail and making sure Randwick City gets the most out of this once in a generation opportunity to revitalise our City,” said Randwick Mayor Scott Nash.

Council is proposing to allocate $68 million over five years to support the project including creating more parking, upgrading storm water drainage and closing streets to construct public plazas.

While the details between Council and Transport for NSW are being finalised, council is seeking clarification on several details such as undergrounding power lines, the location of the light rail stabling facility and the development of a business and continuity plan.

“Light rail will bring considerable benefits to our area. It will create between 500 and 700 jobs as a direct result of construction, and it will support the growth of more than 4,000 jobs in education health and research in Randwick City.

“But with the benefits also come many challenges and inevitable disruption to residents and businesses.

“Our plan is to ensure we address these as much as possible.

“I want everyone in Randwick City to know that Council is well aware of their concerns and that we are working hard on developing the right solutions.

“Although this is a State Government project, not a Council project, we’re working with all stakeholders to get the best outcome we can for our City.