Building a successful future

Blue Mountains City Council has set its strategic direction and priorities for the City for the next four years as part of its ongoing commitment to good governance and financial sustainability.

“The Council has realised a number of significant achievements and is making good progress towards the goal of living within our means by implementing our ten Year Long Term Financial Plan,” said Mayor Councillor Mark Greenhill.

 “The Council has shown initiative in developing a six point strategy, as a key part of this Plan, for achieving financial sustainability over the next ten years.
“Implementing this strategy, whilst challenging, is critical to building a successful future for our City.”

 Council’s six-point strategy aims to avoid shocks, balance the budget, manage borrowings responsibly, increase income, review and adjust services and increase advocacy and partnerships.

 “We have achieved around $12 million in cost savings over the past seven years, secured over $87 million in grant funding for the community over the past five years, reduced Council’s debt levels in the order of $2.3 million annual borrowings, and attracted $1.8 million to assist with bushfire recovery.”

 The strategy is part of a long-term goal to face the key problem of delivering existing council services into the future at levels affordable to the council and acceptable to the community.

“Our focus will remain on our agreed priorities and projects that pose the highest risks and have a benefit to the majority of the community, as well as strengthening our City’s economy.

“This will involve making some hard decisions in the best interest of the City.

 “The Council’s Six Point plan for financial sustainability positions the Blue Mountains to withstand these challenges and build a successful future.”