SportsTurf can help you with sportsfields*

Municipal council departments are heavily involved in providing recreation facilities to enable community involvement in physical activities.

The planning and provision of sporting areas and playing fields is a major responsibility, and requires the allocation of large amounts of funds.
While high quality grass playing fields are the normal expectation of the community, it is essential that the community is made aware that the playing surface is
not indestructible.

It must be properly and adequately maintained, and the amount of use needs to be monitored so that these very costly assets are not damaged.
SportsTurf has developed services that support municipal managers not only in the design, construction and maintenance of playing fields, but also in predicting the number of sporting teams that can be accommodated on a sportsfield.

Our sportsfield usage model is based on a number of factors including:

  • Soil profile
  • Grass type; effectiveness of drainage & irrigation
  • Sports played
  • Seasonal or all-year use
  • Standard of competition.

Park Managers and Recreation Officers use a scientifically based system to allocate maintenance resources and allocate assets to promote community involvement without excessive waste or depreciation.

Other SportsTurf services include:

  • Sportsground Condition Audit, which includes turf composition, weeds, cover and soil conditions, plus recommendations of immediate works required and a future upgrade strategy.

Additional information can be provided on:

  • Turf water usage & irrigation requirements
  • Soil types & drainage characteristics
  • Soil nutrient analysis & fertiliser recommendations.

Sportsground Safety Audit which ensures a ground is in a safe and acceptable condition for sport that includes:

  • Measurement of surface hardness using the Clegg Impact Hammer
  • Visual assessment of the surface condition including grass cover, surface evenness, stability, presence of cracks & holes and damage due to machinery
  • Highlights grounds that have high injury potential and require remedial action
  • Sportsground Features Audit which is an assessment of the general condition, damage and impact on player safety of the features present at a sportsground including boundary fence, goal posts, scoreboard, coach’s boxes & dugouts, signage, light towers and practice nets.

Sportsground Dimensions report which details:

  • Dimension of each sportsground (fence to fence), playing surface and run out distances (distance between boundary line and perimeter fencing)
  • Calculated area of each reserve for use in pesticide, fertiliser & renovation calculations
  • Comparison of the ground dimensions and run out distances to the relevant sports association guidelines.

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