Quality turf the biologic way*

For parks and gardens staff the emphasis has always been on turf quality: ‘how to get a great looking turf whilst staying within water budgets and not over-using chemical fertilizers?’

Quite simply, the answer is in LawrieCo’s BioLogic Turf and Soil Program, which has been adopted over the past few years by Greene Eden Watering Systems, in preference to traditional chemical fertilizers as part of their grounds remediation and soil renovation service.

The results are stunningly apparent.

The unique nutritional programs have been drawn from humic and soil science, microbiology and fertilizer technology to build an ideal soil structure and maintain high quality, fit-for-purpose turf.

The program is based on initial soil testing to ensure that the right nutrient balance is achieved.

With the use of organic blends, which are lightly spread over the site, and foliar sprays (living liquid containing fermented bacteria and fungi, brewed by Greene Eden using LawrieCo’s starter products), turf quality can be turned around within days.

Though the BioLogic Programs do need to be regularly administered, the objective is to bring the soil back to a ‘living soil’, promoting the growth of natural microbial life, so that over time, the programs can be spread further apart. 

These programs are completely organic and will help return the soil to its natural state, and in doing so, remove or dilute the toxins which have built up through previous regular applications of chemical fertilizers.

Unlike chemical fertilizers, BioLogic does not create any hazard for grounds-users and watering-in is not necessary.

Before you decide to spend your budget on needless top-dressing and toxic chemical fertilizers, talk to Greene Eden, they can deliver the turf outcomes you are striving to achieve.

For more information visit the website at: www.greene-eden.com.au

*Copy Supplied by Greene Eden