PolyCom Stabilising Aid rock solid under pressure*

Customers are incorporating PolyCom Stabilising Aid, an Australian made innovation, into the design of pavements allowing cost efficient changes in pavement design by improving sub-grade strength to meet specifications.

With confidence in PolyCom, engineers are able to manipulate traditional pavement design guidelines to build a road pavement that performs well, exceeding specifications under the anticipated traffic loading for the design life adopted.

Local government and private PolyCom customers are using this innovative solution to change the pavement layer thickness by improving the subgrade materialís California Bearing Ratio (CBR) value, potentially reducing the amount of imported material and costs associated with construction. 

As an example, PolyCom was recently incorporated into the pavement design for a full road reconstruction in central NSW.

Traditionally, 200mm of expensive gravel would be imported to bridge weak and soft pavements.

Instead, PolyCom Stabilising Aid was applied at 100mm depth to the poor sub-grade material to provide a stronger and flexible well-bound layer.
100mm of gravel was then imported and laid out over the PolyCom treated sub-grade before sealing.

All PolyCom works were completed using the equipment the client already had on site, including a grader, water cart and multi-wheel roller, negating the need for specialised stabilising equipment and external staff.

After evaluation, the PolyCom treated sub-grade exceeded expectations, meeting specifications and providing significant cost and time savings on the project.
It was agreed that PolyCom was a cost-effective solution, whilst also improving efficiency for the entire project.

PolyCom is also OHS and environment compliant, as well as being very simple to apply.

To find out how PolyCom Stabilising Aid can be incorporated into your pavement design, contact us at info@earthcoprojects.com.au, Phone 1800 790 907 for further details visit the website at www.roadmaker.com.au

*Copy supplied by PolyCom