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Toolkit to assist with reform process

To assist with preparation for the Western Australia local government reforms, local government Minister Tony Simpson has launched an online Reform Toolkit.

The toolkit uses tailor-made information, stepping local governments through the process in the lead-up to July 2015 when the number of local governments in WA will be reduced.

The Department of Local Government and Communities, the Local Government Managers Australia (WA) and the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) jointly developed the project.

Speaking at the launch, WALGA President Mayor Troy Pickard said the Local Government Reform Toolkit could be applied to every local government’s unique situation and adapted to suit their particular needs.

“We moved quickly to put in place support for Local Governments and this comprehensive resource has vast information that leads both practitioners and elected members through a staged transition plan.

“We identified the need to develop a focus on strategic direction specifically for elected members and it walks them through the milestones to be achieved during the four stages from review to implementation.”

Every Local Government will receive copies of the Toolkit Summary, complementary to the website.

Additionally, copies of the Elected Member Guide will be distributed to all Elected Members.

Mayor Pickard congratulated the team for compiling such an extensive resource in a short timeframe.

“This resource will be widely used by the sector and it will make Local Government reform a more palatable experience for all involved.”