Social network connects disabled citizens

Article image - Social network connects disabled citizens Brandon Cameron, Anni Heenan from Radius Disability Services and Stephen Rogers viewing the Inclusive Communities Network.
The Greater Bendigo and Loddon Shire Inclusive Communities Team is inviting professionals, people living with a disability and their supporters to join an interactive social network on Yammer.

Yammer is an invite-only private social network usually used by organisations to allow employees to collaborate on projects from great distances.

City of Greater Bendigo Director Community Wellbeing Pauline Gordon said Yammer would allow its users engage in conversations about topical issues and upcoming events.

“Yammer has enormous potential to connect people with a disability and their carers to the broader community to help people understand some of the issues they face.

“The network will allow people to post their ideas or comment on other people’s posts in a similar way to Facebook.

“It is hoped the network will alleviate some of the barriers that prevent meaningful community inclusion for those living with a disability.”

A weekly email will still be sent to all members of the network wrapping up what has been said online and summarises the main themes and opportunities that were discussed.

“It is not always possible to get large groups of people together in the one place at the one time, so Yammer is a great way for people to connect and collaborate over the internet anytime, anywhere.”

The Inclusive Communities Team is inviting residents to join its Yammer network and invite their colleagues.

“The success of the network relies on an active and expanding membership that assumes responsibility for the content,” said Ms Gordon.