Joint Training Benefits Multiple Councils

By working together, Tasmania’s Waratah Wynyard Council and Circular Head Council’s staffs are both receiving high quality training.

Circular Head General Manager Tony Smart and Waratah-Wynyard General Manager Greg Winton said both council’s staff have been growing together since 2012 when they started pooling their resources into joint staff training.

“As part of both councils’ organisational development program ORGMENT, both organisations are starting to see a range of benefits from the Living the Values Program,” Mr Smart said.

“The program, which is provided by Christine Storm of Chrysalis Business Consulting, engages employees from both organisations and is about reinforcing both organisations’ values to our employees.

“At the end of the day this is about ensuring that our people at all levels are performing to the best of their ability,”

ORGMENT and the Living the Values program are about valuing employees across all levels.

A leadership development program was the latest incarnation of the training.

“Both Tony and I recognise that it is not just ourselves or the executive managers that influence the organisations, but that there are a number of leaders within both workforces who will benefit from further training in this area,” Mr Winton said.

The ORGMENT program is particularly effective because of the ability to deliver it across both councils simultaneously.