Healthy staff, healthy Stonnington

Article image - Healthy staff, healthy Stonnington City of Stonnington staff stay fit The City of Stonnington is proving to be an industry leader in prioritising the wellbeing of its workforce.

The City acknowledges that the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees is integral to the achievement of their strategic goals and that healthy workers are productive workers. A strong health, safety and wellbeing culture in the organisation is acknowledged as a vital precursor to reducing injuries and improving general wellbeing.

In an effort to promote health and wellbeing amongst all employees, the City of Stonnington conducts a health and wellbeing program annually. The Wellbeing Program aims to assist Council employees to manage the competing demands of work and personal health and focuses on physical, emotional and psychological welfare. Stonnington’s Wellbeing Program not only assists Council to retain employees but also aids in decreasing absenteeism, increasing staff morale and attracting and retaining talent.

Stonnington’s Wellbeing Program includes a number of cost effective activities and offers an inclusive and diverse range of events designed to suit the needs of staff regardless of their age, gender, fitness level, employment status and/or place of work. Some of the activities offered include:
  • posture, podiatry, eyesight, hearing, skin and general health checks
  • men and women’s interactive health seminars
  • mental health seminars and showbags
  • stress management, building resilience and the effects of fatigue seminars
  • yoga and pilates classes
  • boot camps
  • healthy BBQs and breakfasts
  • individual consultations with a nutritionist
  • iridology
  • self defence classes
  • seminars on food labels, food additives, portion sizes, dietary supplements and food allergies via interactive supermarket aisles
  • Weight Watchers
  • SunSmart programs
  • organ donor information
  • parenting seminars.
Stonnington’s Wellbeing Program is well supported by Stonnington’s Executive Management Team (EMT) and is highly regarded, as evidenced by the program being shortlisted as a finalist in the WorkSafe and VicHealth Awards.

Additionally the program is strongly supported by staff, which is reflected by high participation rates for most activities. To date, direct links between the Wellbeing Program and positive effects on Council’s OH&S statistics and workplace health check results over two years are evident.

Additionally, staff surveys and evidence of behavioural change demonstrate the program has provided encouragement, support and motivation to many Stonnington staff to take steps to improve their lifestyle and health.

The City of Stonnington’s Wellbeing Program is an engaging and leading-edge program that supports and enhances the health and wellbeing of staff. The program will continue to be expanded and grow to meet the growing needs of all employees.