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The way local government communicates with citizens has changed.

Rapidly evolving online, digital and social media are transforming the way people expect to engage with their elected representatives, government and each other.

Social media is affording local government the opportunity to engage with stakeholders and members of the community in new ways, however many organisations are yet to understand how to do this most effectively, or how to maximize the tools and platforms in ways that will best involve the community in policy and program development.

If youd like to increase your abilities in this area, through both practical and theoretical learning, the University of Canberra has an inspiring way to assist you.
The Graduate Certificate in Social Media and Public Engagement has been developed with leaders from government and industry.

It spans communication, engagement, citizen-centred government, information technology and media.

As one of the few qualifications in Australia that focus on digital and social media and their application in social, organisational, governmental and political contexts, the course is not a 101 in Twitter or Facebook.

It aims to ensure students not only understand and can work with a wide variety of platforms, but also understand the broader context of social media in conceptual terms, which will enable them to adapt to changing technologies as they arise.   

The course is online, with a one-day master class on campus also available to interstate or international students through UCs online learning platform.

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