Evaluating and minimising risks*

There is a common misconception that risk management for councils involves only management of financial risks. In fact, risks are varied: ranging from risks of legislative non-compliance (there are more than 30 Acts councils have to comply with) and risks posed by inappropriate use of social media to occupational health and safety risks and risks of natural disasters. Safety risks are almost guaranteed to occur in each council on a monthly basis, ranging from potentialities and near misses to incidents with fatalities.

One of the best risk management strategies and budget saving exercises is to identify and minimise risks. Small investment can potentially save councils thousands in asset losses, fines, raised insurance premiums, loss of staff, drop in morale, down time and bad publicity. In addition, it can become a cost-saving measure. As car insurance providers give a discount for no accidents over time, bringing council’s risk management strategies up to date might become a tool to negotiate lower premiums on the council’s insurance.

As councils gain more and more responsibilities, risks multiply too. So the help of professionals becomes a necessity.

Local Government Safety offers a free evaluation to identify some of the risks posed to your council. If your council has a burning concern, you might decide to have a free consultation instead.

The value of getting specialist advice cannot be stressed enough in achieving practical results whether your local council is wanting to achieve legislative compliance, industry accreditation or best practice status.

For more information please visit www.lgsafety.com.au/free

*Copy supplied by Local Government Safety