New initiative to boost local economy

The Shire of Mt Marshall has implemented an innovative pilot program to encourage tourists to shop at local businesses.

Visitors that stay at the Caravan Parks at a powered site now receive a $10.00 voucher for each night to spend at a local participating business within the Shire.

The new initiative is hoped to not only bring more tourists to local towns to enjoy upgraded facilities and visit iconic sites, but also have a positive impact on businesses by encouraging visitors to shop local.

Shire President Paul Gillett said the shire was currently focusing on tourism.

“We hope that this new initiative will encourage visitors to shop locally instead of just passing through our towns.”

The project has the potential to positively impact businesses and contribute to their financial viability and growth. The voucher scheme is initially being run as a trial and will be assessed to see the effect on local businesses.

Councillor Gillett said the Council was positive the scheme would contribute to the economic sustainability of the local communities.

“The voucher system has been very well received by the business community and they have been very cooperative in assisting Council to implement the initiative.”

 “We are constantly seeking new ideas and innovative ways to assist increased patronage, to create some diversity and for businesses to not be solely reliant on the agricultural industry.”

Shire of Mt Marshall towns Beacon, Bencubbin and Gabbin are all included in the self-drive Wheatbelt Way trail that leads travellers on an adventurous interpreted journey.

The introduction of the Wheatbelt Way has increased visitation and awareness of the beautiful northern Wheatbelt.

It is hoped that the Shire’s initiative will encourage further growth and promotion of the Wheatbelt Way, with particular focus on financial injection from tourism into local businesses in Mt Marshall.