More apps for waste services in the cloud*

This year’s Resource and Wastes Management exhibition in Birmingham saw a major change in companies looking for new systems. In 2012 visitors were not sure what cloud-based technology was all about. This year companies large and small have realized there’s a sea change going on in systems, and are coming through looking specifically for new cloud systems and mobile apps.

The technological revolution, triggered by everyone’s adoption of doing business through the web and then web access apps (software application programs), moving data input and access out to consumer grade smart phones and tablets for mobile workers, is causing a major disruption in the market.

The next revolution – the internet of things will see networked devices doing their own robotic/electronic data capture, eg systems on bins to alert you when bin is nearly full, the bin talking to the truck to say when to pick me up.

There’s a wide range of apps with functionality already available for waste services:

  • yard foremen can order a bin change-over from their iPhone app
  • proof of delivery dockets, signed onscreen can be emailed, on signing
  • bins can have ‘fullness’ sensors that can call in when needing emptying
  • drivers can be directed, by voice and map turn directions, right to the job
  • trucks can do the data entry work for drivers (lift arm capture, weights)
  • drivers can get photo evidence of bins not being out or blocking access vehicles
  • operations managers can see where their trucks are on a phone or iPad app
  • customers can view prior jobs/invoices and re-order on their phone app
  • ratepayers can find out which day what bin goes out on a waste calendar app
  • illegal dumping or spilled rubbish complaints (with pics) can name and shame the council if they are too slow to respond

We’re all set for an ‘appy’ new year!

*Copy supplied by Terry Daley, CEO