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City of Melbourne’s partnership with Enviropoles gets results*

With approximately 880,000 people visiting City of Melbourne’s CBD everyday, the city relies on a strong cigarette litter management strategy. Enviropoles have been a  driving force within this strategy, with 320 units located across the CBD, collecting an estimated 730,000 butts per month.

Enviropoles originally won the City of Melbourne tender in 2010 because of their high capacity units, stay–clean design and importantly, their revolutionary liquid charged system.

At the time, the City of Melbourne was having significant issues with bin fires and the mounting cost of repeated call-outs to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, as well as replacing bins.

The innovative liquid charged system was the clear solution. The liquid absorbs cigarette litter, which as a result sinks to the bottom of the unit, as opposed to floating, which immediately extinguishes the butt and increases the overall capacity of the unit.

Enviropoles’ commitment to research and development has also paid off with their unique barcoding system producing comprehensive monthly reports tailored to Melbourne City Council’s requirements.

The reports outline which units have been serviced, on which dates and the amount of litter collected from each location. The detailed reports also highlights units that are no longer being utilised, and informs decisions on where infrastructure could be better placed to best service the community.

Enviropoles’ professionalism and ongoing investment in cigarette litter innovations has resulted in them re-securing the City of Melbourne tender for the next three years. Their partnership has resulted in a major reduction in cigarette litter entering our waterways, with an aim of further reducing this through ongoing innovations.

Learn more about Enviropoles technology online at www.enviropoles.com.au

*Copy supplied by Enviropoles