Broome rangers judged best in WA

Professionalism and compassion under difficult circumstances has made the Shire of Broome Rangers the top team in the state.

Rangers Gail Harmon, Amanda Spencer, Craig Burgess, Mark O’Connor and Paul Wilson, and Administrator Elaine Hansen were judged the 2013 Ranger Team of the Year at the WA Rangers Association Annual Conference in Bunbury.

Acting Broome Shire President Anne Poelina said the award was well deserved and the community should be duly proud.

“Our team of rangers carry out a very difficult and demanding job with professionalism and empathy.

“They face many unique challenges in the Shire of Broome that are not experienced by their counterparts elsewhere in the state, covering a vast geographical area with its harsh climate and difficult tides.

“They deal with an eclectic mix of demands and requests, whether it’s helping mobility impaired people to use the Shire’s beach wheelchairs, directing traffic during turtle nesting season and explaining to the public why the beach is closed, looking after the safety of beach users by preventing hoon activities on Cable Beach, travelling to remote communities to deal with ‘cheeky’ dogs and to educate the community, or policing illegal camping.

“On top of this, our Rangers are also highly active in the community outside of work in a range of roles, from the Broome Regional Bushfire Brigade, to saving animals from euthanasia.

“This service to the Broome community has now been recognised by their industry peers, and I congratulate Gail, Amanda, Craig, Mark, Paul and Elaine.”