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Tech training for senior residents

Shoalhaven City Libraries will be offering local seniors an opportunity to learn a host of valuable computer skills as part of the upcoming Tech Savvy training program.

Participating seniors will be shown the benefits of using practical skills to undertake tasks such as Internet banking, emailing and online shopping.

The courses cover many aspects of everyday computer application and are delivered at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Shoalhaven City Mayor Joanna Gash said Shoalhaven Libraries had received a lot of requests from residents interested in learning new computer skills,
and it was anticipated the training programs would be very well received.

“The upcoming Tech Savvy training programs will provide interested seniors with the opportunity to learn the many benefits of modern technology and provide helpful tuition in an extremely positive and helpful environment.

“With a number of different modules available, interested participants are able to learn about everything from emailing to tablets, social media and online banking.”