Non-traditional path

Article image - Non-traditional path Katie Schrader Mid-Western Regional Council has launched two scholarships for local women worth $5,000 each.

Council’s Manager People and Culture, Michele George, said the ‘Women in Non-Traditional Trades Scholarship’ would provide financial assistance to local women studying or planning to study a non-traditional trade.

“The NSW Government has identified a list of non-traditional trades for women, which include plasterers, electricians, motor mechanics, plumbers, greenkeepers, panel beaters and glaziers.

“There are many more non-traditional trades which are eligible for this scholarship. A full list is on Council’s website.

“Council is thrilled to be investing in local apprentices and industry to support women in trades which are currently male-dominated. We see this as a great way to diversify and strengthen our local workforce, and create opportunities for local women to participate in that workforce.

“The scholarships will enhance the retention of women in non-traditional trades by providing financial assistance to two women who might otherwise not have been able to afford TAFE fees, tools or other related equipment. We hope to promote these trades as an attractive and achievable career path for women.”

Katie Schrader, a Heavy Vehicle Plant Mechanic for Mid-Western Regional Council, said a scholarship would have helped take the pressure off paying for TAFE and tools while she was trying to get employers to overcome misconceptions about female mechanics.

“This is a great chance for [other women] to get a head start on their trade and I’m proud that Mid-Western Regional Council has taken the initiative.”
The NSW Government through Women NSW supports the Mid-Western Regional Scholarships Project.