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National Broadband Network to play key role*

The uptake of virtual teaming continues to grow in business and government across the world, according to internationally-recognised expert John Gundry.

“For Australia the National Broadband Network (NBN) is critical to stay at the forefront and be competitive in an ever-changing global marketplace,” Dr Gundry said.

Dr Gundry will tour Australia in November to impart his knowledge to managers on how they can make virtual teaming work for their teams, their organisations and themselves.

“The rollout of the NBN should allow more and more people to avoid travel for work and to work.

“This will have a major impact, especially in regional areas.”

Virtual teaming enables managers, staff and team-members to work at a distance and collaborate principally through communication tools rather than meeting face-to-face.

It means organisations can become fitter and faster by integrating project teams within a region or nationally.

“In both cases a further pay off for virtual teaming is reducing carbon footprint and travel costs,” says Dr Gundry.

Virtual workers rely on tools such as telephone, email, audio conferencing, shared files and discussion forums, and for some, web conferencing and video conferencing are valuable.

Dr Gundry warns that not everyone is suited to working remotely.

“There are many issues to be aware of including dealing with interruptions and knowing when to stop working. Virtual teaming still requires different levels of face to face time.”

Virtual Team Manager Masterclass details and dates are available at www.pics.com.au

John Gundry is an expert on post geographic working and virtual teaming. John has a background in psychology, communications systems, organisational consulting and virtual, remote work and learning.

*Copy supplied by PiCS