‘Green Army’ could march for South Australian councils

South Australia’s Local Government Association wants more detail from Opposition Leader Tony Abbott about his  ‘Green Army’ proposal to assess how it could be used on local environmental projects in SA.

LGASA President David O’Loughlin said every community expected their council to provide storm-water recycling, creek revegetation, parks provision and maintenance, erosion control or coastal projects.

“Councils can’t afford many of these at present, so having Government funding to assist through an employment program could make a real difference.”

Councillor O’Loughlin said councils had played a key role in many previous employment programs including the Howard Government’s Green Corps in the late 1990s and the earlier Regional Employment Development (RED) scheme and Community Employment Program (CEP).

He said councils could offer a diverse range of projects, right across the state.

“The key to the success of such programs will be the effectiveness of the training provided, attention to Worker Health and Safety (WHS) and proper
funding for people to supervise participants.

“We will be keen to find out more about the detail but I have no doubt it could be made to work.”

LGASA has formed a Federal Election strategy and is assessing policy commitments by all parties for their value to communities and their councils.