Council backs local youth programs

Orange City Council is backing local organisations as they help local teenagers make positive changes in their lives.

Three local organisations that applied for funding under the council’s ‘Youth Diversional Programs’ grants scheme were each given $7500.

The Orange Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC), CareWest and the Orange Regional Judo–Martial Arts Centre will use their grants to expand their youth programs.

Orange City Council Services Policy Committee chair, Councillor Ron Gander, said he believes the grants scheme will be good investment in the city’s younger residents.

“It’s a lot harder to try to pick up the pieces after local children and teenagers have started down a path that sees them getting into trouble with their teachers or local police.

“It makes much more sense to support the local agencies who are doing their best to prevent problems before they start.”

Orange City Councillor Glenn Taylor welcomed the grants as another opportunity for the Council to support Orange’s younger community.

“It’s good news that the City Council can work in partnership with local organisations to extend the work they’re already doing with local youth.

“These bodies are doing a great job but the reality is that some kids will miss out if these agencies don’t have the resources to cover basics like membership fees and the price of some basic equipment.”