School holiday sessions a laugh out loud hit

Article image - School holiday sessions a laugh out loud hit School children in front of clay characters There was lots of laughter in the Latrobe Regional Gallery during the winter school holidays with children participating in the gallery’s holiday program.

Latrobe City Council’s arts director Julie Adams said that one of the current exhibitions on display, Laugh Out Loud (LOL), provided inspiration for participants.

“The children made their own models after they looked at the ‘crowd’ of clay figures by artist Jim Cooper. These figures proved to be very popular, particularly with the many families that have visited in recent weeks.

“The staff at the gallery have a suspicion that when the gallery closes and the lights are off, this wonderful crowd of characters comes alive and gets up to no good!

“Another favourite work in the exhibition, with adults and children alike, is the ‘Hawaiian Sausages’ by Gippsland artist Colin Suggett. It is very hard not to grin when you see sausages dancing on a barbecue! We are very lucky to have this work as part of the gallery’s own collection.

“Whether your visit to LOL is on your own, with a friend or family member, whether it takes five minutes or an hour, it is sure to brighten your day.”

Laugh Out Loud taps into an essential aspect of Australian identity, our sense of humour – dry, laconic, self-mocking, with a pinch of irony and anti-authoritarianism.

The works in this exhibition were chosen for their immediacy and comic appeal, and were brought together as a counterpoint to the anxiety and fear prevalent in the many changing environments of contemporary life.

Other artists include Joanna Braithwaite, Rodney Forbes, Linda Marrinon, Kate Mitchell, Tim Moore, Tom Moore, collaborative duo Gregory & Watts and Julian Wolkenstein.

LOL continues until 15th September and the gallery is open seven days a week with free entry.