Road corridor management today*

For Local Government, the road corridor is the most demanding maintenance environment. Inspection schedules, ‘make safe’ requirements, levels of service, risk management and auditable processes are only some of the daily issues impacting on Asset and Works Managers.

As a market leader in capturing, processing and managing field data, Global GBM has been working with councils for many years. With this experience came an appreciation of the complexities of managing field processes for the many asset types in the road corridor.

John Ivett, from Global GBM, explains: “Eighteen months ago we commenced a detailed scoping study with a cluster of Victorian councils and defined their requirements, including: field data collection, scheduling and dispatch of tasks to the field, interaction with their asset and CRM systems and compliance with their Road Management Plans.”

He went on to explain that, through a process of continuous feedback and beta testing, Councils received a solution that’s innovative, comprehensive and robust. It’s called GBM Road Corridor Manager (RCM).

“RCM manages proactive and reactive maintenance inspections, condition inspections, make safe repairs and closure of related defects and tasks. Risk is mitigated through auditable business processes ensuring compliance with defined service levels and fully satisfying insurance audits and government funding applications.”

Councils can empower their asset management systems with a best practice, wireless, spatially enabled field data system. RCM can also be implemented as a self-contained, stand-alone management solution.

In either case, RCM is providing Local Government with high compliance levels while streamlining maintenance tasks and reducing overheads.

*Copy supplied by Global GBM

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