Auburn pioneers video conferencing

Article image - Auburn pioneers video conferencing Students from Lidcombe Primary School take part in a science lesson using new video conferencing technology
Auburn City Council is pioneering the use of the National Broadband Network (NBN) to extend the customer service experience through video conferencing and video bookings.

Auburn is one of the first councils in Australia to implement the NBN technology as part of the Federal Government’s Digital Local Government Program.

By 2020, Australia will be among the world’s leading digital economies, and four out of five Australians will engage with government through online services.

Visiting a government office to access a government service can be time-consuming, inconvenient and costly, so Auburn City Council is excited to offer alternative options.

By implementing the latest technology, called Vidyo Personal Telepresence, video conferencing is simple and free to anyone with a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Auburn residents can now speak to a Council staff member online from their home, office or wherever it suits them.

Council is also hosting online video-based community forums on topical issues such as development proposals and dispute resolution. This has the potential for enabling a larger number and wider cross-section of residents to participate in local government consultative processes.

As a result there will be improvements in the quality, availability and speed of local government services.

The key benefits of video conferencing include:

  • remote access to local government services
  • residents saving time and money by not having to visit a local government office
  • free service and
  • educational classes can be delivered remotely.

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