Vision for Slacks Creek recovery

Logan City Council has endorsed the Slacks Creek Futures Visions and Initiatives Report, representing another milestone for the Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project.

Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee Chair, Councillor Lisa Bradley, said the project aimed to reconnect people with the waterways to celebrate and support healthy ecosystems, active living and cultural diversity.

“The Slacks Creek project is a pilot project for the Logan Rivers Recovery Program, which is a ‘back to basics’ approach [to] managing our city’s waterways.

“We want to transform Slacks Creek into a place people want to visit, which will be promoted for its environmental tourism attributes. It also presents a long-term vision to drive positive social and environmental change within the catchment and will also play an important role in guiding future catchment projects across the city.

“Slacks Creek is a highly urbanised and valued catchment, and a significant tributary to the Logan River and Moreton Bay, assisting with filtration before water reaches the river and the bay.

“I know our vision for the Slacks Creek catchment will be a blueprint for other river recovery projects across the city.”

The project launched at a local park, where residents planted almost 500 trees and participated in a public art project that turned tyres found in local waterways into ‘swans’.

“Improving the health and overall rating of our waterways is going to take a lot of commitment, hard work and initiative from all levels of government and adjoining local councils in collaboration with residents, businesses and community groups.

“However, we must acknowledge that despite a collaborative commitment with the community to aid the recovery of the city’s waterways, major improvements won’t happen overnight.

“Since the successful Logan Waterways Summit in 2011, work has been undertaken to develop a strategy to address the decline in waterway health and to
improve the entire Slacks Creek Catchment.

“This strategy suggests a combined program of activities to cleans Slacks Creek, beautify the waterway corridor and increase public interaction and connection with the creek through a number of  short, medium and long-term actions.”

The Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project has been funded by both Logan  City Council and the Queensland Government, and is a pilot for Council’s $380,000 Logan Rivers and Wetlands Recovery Program.