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97 Manningham City Council households have committed to reducing food waste using a ‘Green Cone’ in order to minimise landfill. The council is working with residents on ways to minimise waste to landfill through a range of initiatives.

The Green Cone is a food digester composting system that uses a combination of natural heat, air and micro-organisms to break food down into a nutrient rich liquid, which then filters safely into the surrounding soil. It takes all types of food waste including vegetable scraps, raw and cooked meat, bones, dairy products and other organic food waste like bread and pasta.

The good news for non-garden types is that, unlike a traditional compost bin, it doesn’t need to be emptied and it’s a lower maintenance option than a worm farm. It’s a good solution for many residents to reduce food waste.

Council has supplied the homes with a Green Cone, a kitchen scraps tub, in home training and access to a website for ongoing support and advice.

Mesch Engagement is working with Manningham to deliver the program, including managing registrations, installing the green cones into gardens, conducting in home training, managing audits to set a baseline and monitor progress and developing and managing an online networking and knowledge base to support the Project Participants over the next twelve months.

For more information about the Green Cone Project contact Bronwyn Sutton at Mesch Engagement on (03) 9540 0734 or email: or Linda Kenworthy at Manningham City Council on (03) 9846 0575 or email:

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