New lease of life for Awaba Waste Management facility

Lake Macquarie’s limited landfill space at the Awaba management facility was granted a new lease of life in May with the approval of its expansion by the NSW Planning Assessment Commission.

This is a significant step towards achieving the City Council’s Waste Management Strategy that aims to secure the city’s sustainable disposal for the future.
Director City Strategy, Tony Farrell, said the expansion project would increase landfill by 2.5 million tonnes and extend the lifespan of the facility by an estimated 20 years.

“The expansion project means we can continue to manage the city’s waste at Awaba without having to outsource our waste disposal to a different region or incur additional financial and environmental costs associated with the construction of a new landfill facility.

Mr Farrell said the expansion project had a capital investment value of two additional excavated cells, the continual placing of waste over the existing landfill area, the construction of a pipeline between the facility and Hunter Corporation’s Waste Water Pump Station for leachate disposal and an additional recycling centre, the waste station and new amenities for staff.

“Combined with the new green waste three-bi system, the approved expansion is a great milestone in securing the city’s waste management future.

“The design of the expansion will reduce the environmental impacts of landfilling on site through implementation of new technologies bringing better outcomes for both the local community and the City.

The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure independently assessed the development application including environmental, social and health impacts. 

During the exhibition period, 22 submissions were received and considered as part of the decision making process.

Physical works are likely to start in 18 months.