Hardcourt surfaces also need attention*

In addition to assessing natural turf surfaces SportsTurf Consultants (Aust.) Pty Ltd can also assess the condition of hard surfaces such as tennis and netball courts (asphalt, plexipave, synthetic) and synthetic cricket practice wicket facilities.

The key assessment criteria include:
  • cracking
  • divots, holes
  • surface unevenness, depressions
  • vegetation growth
  • carpet rips, tears, fraying, wear
  • lifting & opening of seams
  • accessories – fence enclosures, goals etc.
The impact of each of these criteria on the playing surface is rated. The extent of line markings, surface discolouration and any damage to nets / enclosures is also assessed. Netball and tennis courts are divided into sections with each section assessed separately while the bowling and batting sections of practice wickets are also assessed separately.

An overall condition score for each hard surface is calculated and an estimate of its remaining life provided. The report also includes court diagrams showing the location of major defects, details any urgent maintenance works required and provides indicative costs for surface replacement and repair.

Hard courts are important community assets and it is important that their condition is assessed regularly. A condition audit will assist with Council’s risk management program, asset renewal planning and ensure player enjoyment and safety.

For more information call Ron MacCartney on (03) 9574 9066 or visit the website: www.sportsturf.com.au

*Copy supplied by Sportsturf